The Health Benefits of Tai Chi


If yoga is for the craze for young people, then Tai Chi should be a trend for seniors looking to stay active and  reduce stress.  It is a graceful form of exercise that has similarities to yoga because it focuses on slow movements as well as deep breathing.

Often called “Meditation in Motion”, Tai Chi is a great exercise even for seniors suffering from age-related ailments. In addition to reducing stress, Tai Chi can help practitioners improve balance to prevent falls, maintain healthy bone density to avoid fractures when there is a fall, reduce joint stiffness from arthritis, and have an improved fitness overall.

At A-1 Home Care in Burbank, we strive to provide the highest quality home care services for seniors around the Los Angeles and Orange County. We understands that there are different home care scenarios, and we work hard to match the right caregiver for each service. Since 1991, A-1 has been the preferred home care agency for over two decades, many seniors have enjoyed our tender care of our home health aides in the cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, San Marino Altadena, La Cananda,San Marino, Studio City, and surrounding cities.

Find Service by calling A-1 Home Care at 818-980-0094, or visit to learn more about our offerings.  You can also find us on Facebook.

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