Why Are Kidneys Important?


Since we are  in the middle of National Kidney Month, to raise awareness about your kidney health, we would like to share with you the critical role the kidney plays in our day-to-day lives.

There are three main functions that the kidney perform – Regulate water, remove wastes, and produce hormones.  The kidneys does a great job to retain the necessary for the body while remove the excessive water from the body.  Meanwhile, the body also filter out the waste to keep the body function properly.  Finally, hormones are simply “chemical messengers” according to the Kidney Foundation of Canada.  The kidney produce these hormones that circulate with your blood, these hormones helps regular blood pressure, red blood cell production, and more!

As a result, a healthy kidney is vital to a healthy body.  So, during this National Kidney Month, learn about your risk for kidney diseases, and understand that early detection can go a long way in preventing these diseases.

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